Sunday, January 30, 2011

46 Days

To Match Day that is.   Promise that I won't make every post a countdown, but it's pretty darn exciting.

This was my awesome drive home the other day from my interview at U of Maryland.  The snowstorm of the century.
This is what the interstate looked like.  I was stuck in one spot on the interstate for 5 hours!!
I finally made it to Morgantown where I spent the night...

  Bunsen was totally ready for the snowstorm.

  My awesome new haircut.

  My eats haven't been that interesting lately.  I have dubbed these next few weeks the "Match Meltdown."  I want to be at my fittest and I would also like to look good for our trip to Europe.  I will be working out like a crazy person...classes include boot camp, Spinning, and kickboxing.  Oh,did I forget to mention Europe?  Yes, I am leaving at the beginning of April for a 10day trip across Europe.  This awesome trip includes Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London.  It's me, Andy, Courtney, and 3 other friends from school.  It's going to be amazing!!!  Needless to say, I need to look good around the Parisian women.  I know that I will still be a fat cow compared to European women, but I love food.  So there.

   So I decided to be a good person and only make the serving size of sweet potato fries....can you believe this?????  Girl needs more fries than that. 
  This dressing is an amazing ginger dressing from Whole Foods.  Go get some.

 So I visited my friend Whitney in DC, and she took me to this really cool little restaurant in Rockville.  They're known for their waffles....which can be either savory or sweet.  This is an egg white omelette with pesto roasted vegetables.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the veggies included beets and sweet potatoes.  Beets on an omelet?  Don't be was amazing.  That's also a savory waffle on the side.  Really light and bready.

Andy has finally helped me figure out and fix the kinks with my Eye-Fi card, so hopefully I will be able to post more often.

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  1. Bitch I love me some sweet potato fries! I was in Ft. Myers last weekend for work and there's a restaurant there that serves their sweet potato fries with this chili pepper ketchup that's so freaking delicious. And by the way, your hair is rockin' hot! Love it! I'm so excited for you and all the totally cool stuff that's coming up in your life :)