Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eggy Bread or Gypsy Toast?

  I have had some amazing food lately if I do say so myself.  I'm currently on an independent study rotation, so I've been home, which means I've had to be creative in the kitchen.  My refrigerator is currently stocked with tons of delicious stuff.  I've decided that I judge people on their refrigerators.  Mine is always stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, etc.  If your frig isn't stocked then I don't like you.  Just kidding....sort of.

  Andy and I decided to make French toast the other morning, and being the dorks we are looked up the origin of French toast.  Apparently the origins are unknown, but in Europe it is commonly known as eggy bread or gypsy toast.  Don't those sound way cuter?
 I served my eggy bread with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.  I also drizzled on some Kodiak Cakes wildberry syrup and some powdered sugar.  These were awesome!! I definitely chalk it up to both the Penzey's vanilla and almond extract I added to the batter.

  Andy also made his famous black beans and rice for dinner.  If you haven't had these, they are the bomb dot com.  Seriously, I have yet to find any restaurant that makes them as good as he does.

  In the black bowl is black beans over saffron rice with chopped avocado.  In the blue bowl is fresh fried plantains.  SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

Since I make salad so often, I decided to take a pic of the monstrosity that my kitchen turns into.  The one bad thing about eating a really fresh and natural diet is that your kitchen is always in need of being cleaned.
  There are veggies everywhere and I think I was making butternut squash soup, hence the immersion blender sitting over to the right in its box.
  I'm very proud of Oprah, even though I don't watch the show, because I heard that she took on a vegan challenge.  She basically wanted to show that we have no idea where our food comes from and that being a vegetarian or vegan is a good lifestyle choice.  I think everyone, veggie lover or not, should at least try for a Meatless Monday or something along those lines.  Even if you're not doing it for the planet or for animals, it's just a great way to get a super healthy day in.  Take it upon yourself as a personal challenge.   You might be surprised at all the delicious new dishes you can try.  I am by no means a vegan, because I do eat dairy, but I've realized lately that a lot of what I eat are vegan meals.  For example, the black beans and rice from the other day have no meat or dairy.  Also, I frequently eat oats in the morning.  I make them with water and then amp them up with nut butters, fruit, and spices.  Hell, if you're feeling super adventurous, try one vegan meal once a week.  I think that any opportunity in the kitchen to try something new is something we should all try.
Okay, enough of my go eat some vegetables!


  1. I love that Oprah did that, too! I wish more people would just give a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle a chance. We don't sit and eat boring salads all day long, there's a ton of great foods to eat and new things to try.

    Seeing your eggy bread makes me wish there was some kind of easier way to make myself some sans eggs. I made some with a thick, dense cinnamon swirl bread and I dipped it in almond milk and flaxseed meal mixed together but it's just not the same. Sad :(

  2. Where did you find plantains around here! Want!

  3. sometimes I DON'T eat meat and don't realize it. what kills US is that our men like to eat protein in meat form daily so we make it for them and eat it as well! Should I go and get the kodiak waffle/pancake mix too? I just bought the brownie.