Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Danielle W., M.D.

I know that I have no reason not to update in over a month...but let me tell you.  What with traveling to Europe, graduation, and trips to Delaware for the house, this girl has been busy.  First off, Europe was amazing but there's not much of a point to post pics because my readers are all friends with me on Facebook.  However, graduation was pretty monumental. 
   Not to get all corny on you, but it really was a special day.  It's hard to believe that after 4 years of intense schoolwork, all of my close friends are moving away to far reaching places.  We're moving to Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, staying in WV, and North Carolina.  Even though we're all moving so far away, I still know that we'll all stay in touch.  Below are some of my pics from graduation...and also my bomb-ass graduation party, complete with a rousing game of beer pong.

Us emergency medicine peeps with our ER awards...
My amazing hubby with me!

Mi familia at 21 Club...this great little restaurant in Huntington.  Courtney's cousin is the chef and he is phenomenal!!  Our food was fantastic and I ate every freakin' bite.

Pan-seared grouper with rice pilaf and grilled asparagus.  Not sure what those sauces are, but they were good.  This was my entree.  I shared a couple of bites with other people, but otherwise I ate every single bite.

Don't let this roasted beet salad fool you.  Those beets are "riced" (you know, like a potato ricer) and are roasted and chilled. It was served with a bed of spinach and arugula with a balsamic glaze.  I would eat this thing every night.  And now I must re-create it by buying another kitchen gadget that I don't need.  I shared this bad boy with my mom and I'm a little sad that I didn't have my own as well.

Special event called for an extra dirty martini...my "special occasion" drink.

Me and my momma...aren't we hot?  I've got some good genes...also my grandparents have all almost lived to 100, so if Andy wants to off me, he won't be able to wait on me to die of old age.

Me getting my diploma...I based my graduation outfit around those shoes...Tan suede Campers with a coral lace-up toe and rubber navy heels from Amsterdam.  Sounds ugly, but ugly they are not.

The whole family including my sister this time.

Me, Andy and my father-in-law. Andy is so proud that he's glowing.

Med school "family" brunch!  (We're drinking Adam's, guy in yellow, nut brown home brew.  That sh$@ will grow hair on your chest, and make you pass out after 1 cup.)

The next pics are from my graduation party at Esquire Golf Course.  Friends and family both came out to celebrate and we had a blast!!  And obviously, it was a medical-themed graduation party.

Part of the food table.  Sushi with personal soy sauce syringes (sterile).  There was also hummus, veggies, pita chips, olives, cheeses, and chips and salsa.  The sushi was a huge hit...even my 92-year-old grandma tried it and like it.  Also, about 4 people at the party had never had sushi and enjoyed trying it for the first time.

For the sake of irony, I put my blood pressure cuff by the cheeses and salami.

The cake was the best part of the night!!  Paula Vega Cakes made this masterpiece scrub top cake...vanilla cake with half lemon filling and half raspberry filling.  I brought in a scrub top for them to color match for my residency and they did perfect!  This cake not only looked pretty but was absolutely delicious.  We also had tons of amazing fresh fruit, caduceus-shaped chocolates that Andy prepared, and chilled mango soup.

My extended family: cousins Beth and Missy with my mom and I.

Beer pong with the parentals...Andy and I dominated.

You can probably guess that this was towards the end of the night.  All in all, an amazing memorable event which left me feeling crappy the next day.  But so worth it!

Can't wait to get back to semi-regular posting.

Also....that 1st house fell through and now we're getting ready for another.  We're moving on May 26th....and as soon as we're in I'll show you pics!!


  1. Awesome cake!

    I'm wicked jealous of your life right now. Is it bad a want to fast-forward two years just to get to the graduation celebrations?

    Actually, I'll take fast-forwarding 17 days. Boards. I'm sure you recall.

  2. I'm so so so so excited for you!!! I can't wait to hear all about moving and residency and whatnot. You're going to be amazing, Dr. Whitley!!!