Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinner wasn't so Healthy

So I started out by saying this would be a blog of healthy eats, and 98% of what I eat IS healthy.  However, on my excursions into town I ate what was recommended.  I mean, you can't pass up what the waitress said is the specialty.  We had dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery which was awesome.  I would totally recommend it.

We started with nachos which are well-known throughout the town.  If you don't believe me, then try them for yourself.  Warm, fresh tortilla chips with black beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and green onions.  I didn't even get guacamole on the side, and these were still the bomb dot com.  And trust me, we made a dent in these bad boys, but didn't come anywhere near to finishing them.  Actually, we thrust the half-eaten plate at the waitress and demanded she remove them from our site.

   So......I pondered over what vegetarian delicacy to get for my entree and spotted the vegetarian pizza.  They even had a whole wheat crust!  If they would've thrown in some olives, it would've been utter pizza heaven.

Hearth Baked Vegetarian Pizza
Wheat Crust
Bell Peppers

See how there's just part of one piece missing?  I had my fill of nachos and barely touched the pizza.  However, there are pizza leftovers to be had tomorrow.

You can't go to Iron Hill Brewery and not try one of their seasonal brews direct from their microbrewery.  This is called "Cannibal". Delicious, mild and great for sipping on a hot day.  However, we were warned by this waitress that this packs a whopping 9% alcohol content.  Therefore, I barely drank all of mine.  I also had multiple glasses of water throughout the evening.

At this point, you are probably sick of hearing about my gluttinous night.  However, Kiwi was down the street and I could not rest for the evening until I had some.  Thankfully, I was able to digest the yogurt in my separate dessert stomach.
 That is a tart frozen yogurt with raspberries, blackberries, coconut, and...........mochi!!!  That's a shoutout to my friend Courtney, a fellow mochi lover.

Drumroll please................................................

My sweet puppy Bunsen that I miss dearly!!!

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