Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day of my EM Rotation

  I didn't sleep much last night because I was so excited/anxious about starting today.  My alarm went off at 5:15AM and I was out of bed and in the shower in no time.  I ended up taking too long getting ready, so unfortunately I didn't get to eat the muesli or visions of oats I had dancing in my head.  I grabbed a blueberry crisp Clif Bar for the car ride to the hospital. 

Boring breakfast on the go.  I will say that ClifBars are an excellent source of protein.  They're pretty calorie dense, but I stayed full for hours after I ate this morning. 

This is my exciting going to work face.  (And yes, I took this at a stoplight.  Don't worry)  To sum up my day in one word....awesome.  The hospital, residents and attendings were so friendly and ready to teach.  Just in one day, I feel like I've learned so much.  I think I'm really going to enjoy this month.  I'm alternating between a couple of hospitals, so I'm excited to see the different patient populations that I'll be presented with.  And the best part of all is that I'm at a Level 1 trauma center most of the time and I will get too see a lot of awesome trauma pathology.  Immediately after my shift today, I called multiple people to tell them about my day.  Guess that means I like it here.

   After I left work today, I knew that I needed to stop for some coffee creamer.  I made a delicious cup of coffee to-go this morning, and alas, there was no creamer to be found.  Unfortunately, my roommate is not a coffee drinker.  To resolve this issue, I stole a single creamer from a gas kitchen.  I'll paint the picture for you.  I walked into the gas station with every intention in the world of purchasing a small pack of tissues.  When I saw no tissues, I swiped a single creamer.  I felt bad for a hot minute, but after tasting how delicious my coffee was, all my indiscretions flew out the car door.  So I will pray for forgiveness this evening.
   By the way, there are no lunch pictures because I forgot.  However, the hospital I'm at has a great vegetarian selection.  I had teriyaki tofu  with broccoli and brown rice.  Not too shabby, especially for hospital food.  The tofu was cooked perfectly.
   On the way home to stop for creamer, I remembered a little store in town called Carlino's.  It's an adorable gourmet market downtown.  I walked, fell in love, and proceeded to take a million pictures.  Why can't there be something like this is WV?  I wouldn't have any money left, but it would totally be worth it.

Yes folks, that's a brie bar.  Brie bar??????  I had never heard of such a thing either.  But I instantly knew that these were my kind of people.  See, me and my friends at home have wine and cheese parties, and baked brie is always featured.  Now, this brie bar has opened my eyes to all other types of toppings. 
1.  Fig, pear, ginger, and pine nuts
2.  Apricot, pine nuts, and cinnamon
The list goes on....

   Artisan breads anyone?  The most aromatic scents of garlic bread meet your nose when you enter the store.  It took every ounce of discipline in me not to go ahead and buy a loaf of bread that I didn't need. 

   Fresh from the farm sugar snap peas and pea pods.  I also wanted to buy these but had to remind myself I still have some in the refrigerator.  But that nagging voice in my head said, "But yours aren't fresh from the farm like these."  Oy vey.

   Fresh mesclun lettuce and spinach by the pound!

I'm not going to add any more photos, but my dinner consisted of salad (not from delicious Carlino's) and leftover Iron Hill Brewery pizza.  I'm going to spend the rest of the evening watching trashy TV and relaxing.  Work tomorrow 8-4.

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