Friday, March 18, 2011

Delaware Here We Come!!!

  I'm the newest ER resident in Delaware......and guess who's coming along with me???  (Of course Andy is coming along...)  Courtney is the newest pediatrician at Jefferson College/AI DuPont (Philly/Delaware)........

I'm just going to provide you with an amazing picture montage....yesterday was an amazing day full of emotions.  Excitement, anxiety, and downright unadulterated joy!!

A big congrats to the rest of the MUSOM class of 2011 on your match!!
Also, big shout-out to Diana over at MyMarbleRye who is going to be moving to Denver for Glenn's internal medicine residency!


  1. What an amazing day for you! COngrats!

  2. congrats on your match. that's a great program!

  3. ahhhhhh i got a shout out!!!