Monday, March 14, 2011

Shamrocks and Pizza

On Saturday, I ran in the Lexington, KY Shamrock Shuffle 3K.  Courtney, Megan and I ran in the race with one of my favorite ER and cardiologist attending's kids.  I actually did pretty well.  I'm convinced that spinning has improved my speed exponentially and I ended up running an 8:30 mile. We had a blast!  Oh, by the way.....I matched in emergency medicine!!!
I got the email today and I will find out on Thursday where I actually go for residency. All of my friends matched also, and I'm happy to say that our class has done great with this year's match.  That being said, I will be one drunk lady come Thursday.  Haha.

Andy, me, and our friends also tried out a new-to-me restaurant in Charleston called Pies and Pints.  It's a pizza place that started in Fayetteville, WV and has a new location in Charleston.   It's this amazing pizza place with gourmet pizza combinations and great beer selections.  Ain't no Miller Lite up in this joint.

  You can't tell from here, but we had a couple of pitchers of the New River Gorge lager.  It 'twas delicious.  They even had Pinkus in a bottle, one of my favorite organic ales.

"Agree to disagree."
 They have family style large salads, so we split 2 of them.  This is a mixture of Greek salad and the house salad.  The vinaigrette was killer!

The awesome thing about this place was that you can order 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas.  We got 2 larges and split them up.  These are the 4 pizza we ordered...
1) Grape Pie: sliced red grapes with gorgonzola and fresh rosemary
2) Steak and MushroomPie: grilled steak, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, and gorgonzola with creme fraiche and scallions
3)  Thai Pie: shrimp, toasted coconut, Thai curry sauce with fresh cilantro and basil
4)  Mushroom Garlic Pie:  roasted mushrooms, feta, caramelized onions, roasted garlic and herbs

The Thai Pie was the outstanding favorite of the night!!  Amazing flavors....the curry sauce really changed it up from your usual pizza sauces...

You may be skeptical about the grape and gorgonzola, but it's one of the most popular choices in the restaurant.  This baby is sweet and savory all rolled into one.  Delish!!!

Stay tuned...........

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  1. I'm so excited to try this Pies & Pints place out when I come down in April! Everyone is raving about it!!!

    and congrats again on matching! Can't wait to hear where you headed!!! <3