Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Match Day Recap

  I last left you with a bunch of pictures with no explanation of Match Day.  I realize that the majority of readers are school friends of mine, but I want to let others know the general gist of the day.
Here is a timeline of 4th year.
1.  September 1:  applications for residency go in
2.  Nov-Jan:  interviews
3.  Feb 28th:  rank lists are due
4.  March 17th:  Match Day

  Match Day is the day that medical students find out where they're going for residency.  At the same time across the United States (noon for Eastern time), every medical student in the United States opens up their letter revealing where they will be going for residency.
  For us at Marshall, the day started at 9:30AM, where we had a class meeting.  We also had to buy our graduation cap and gown.  As you can imagine everyone was very anxious all morning.
  Our families showed up around 11:30 to join us for the celebration.  At 11:45, our names were called at random to come to the front of the room.  At this point, you could either decide to open up your envelope in front of everyone or go back to your seat. Most of us chose to stay up front.
  At the stroke of noon, the room was silent except for the ripping of envelopes followed by screams of excitement and joy!  I opened up my letter and as soon as I saw Delaware, I jumped up in the air.  I immediately turned around to Courtney and said, "Where are you going?"  Courtney screamed, "I'm going to Delaware too!"  We both immediately started hugging and sobbing.  We were emotional wrecks.  I don't have a sobby- cry baby picture of us.  Here's the list of where my friends are going...
Emergency Medicine                                            Pediatrics                                  
Me- Delaware                                                     Courtney- Delaware
Megan & Forrest- Wake Forest                           Michelle- Cincinnati
Tristan- U of Maryland                                         Jennifer- Marshall

Jess- Dermatology at Medical College of Georgia
Adam- Radiology at Wake Forest

 Jen's going to Baylor of OB/GYN!!

The Family.......

My dad is happy, but he's making some sort of strange face.

Proud mother....

After everyone was done crying, the real party began.  We all went to the Union for an afternoon/evening/night of drinking and debauchery.  Amazing time!!
   I can easily say that this was one of the best days of my life.  However, with this excitement comes a feeling of sadness.  The people I have spent all my time the past 4 years of medical school are all moving away.  It makes me thankful for our time together, but hopeful that we'll stay in touch. 

P.S.  I'm going to Delaware this weekend to look for houses!!


  1. congrats girly!!!! So happy for you and your friends!! BTW your mom did not age!! you guys look like sisters!

  2. I'm so incredibly excited for you and the amazing things you're going to get to learn, do, and see during your residency. You'll make an amazing doctor!