Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beer Tasting

I have to say that it has been so nice to be on EMS this past week.  I went to the dispatch center, attended a meeting about policy and went to a bunch of ER lectures.  It's just been nice to be back "home" I guess I should say.  One thing I will comment on about the MICU is that I got a ton of procedures....I even got signed off on internal jugular lines.  (For non-medical people that read this...basically a large IV in your neck with multiple sites to deliver medications.)  However, one of my fellow EM colleagues pointed out that now I'll just get to discover complications on my own without a supervisor.  Too true.  This is great for me though, because when I'm in the ED and it's really busy, I don't have to worry about finding someone to supervise me while I do this procedure.

Okay, on to more interesting things, especially for my readers who don't care about IVs.  My mother-in law came to visit for this week, and we just so happened to get a cool smoker attachment for our baller grill...seriously this things is outta control.  Courtney also came over for dinner.  We had a big grilled feast along with a pumpkin beer tasting.  Courtney went to the awesome liquor store around here to gather as many pumpkin/Octoberfest beers she could find.

Salad, grilled bread, sweet potatoes, and portobella mushrooms. Andy made some killer ribs for the carnivores that he smoked on the new attachment.

And no, we didn't taste all of them.  As a matter of fact we had drank a couple Sam Adam's Octoberfest beers, and only tasted a few of these new ones.  We already knew the taste of Sam and Dogfish Head so there was no point in tasting those.

First up, Post Road Pumpkin Ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery.  Delicious!  Very strong pumpkin/spicy aroma, but pleasantly surprising when you find out that it has very mild notes of pumpkin and nutmeg.  Based on aroma alone, I assumed that there would be a very strong flavor.  I have to say that this is a great, light pumpkin beer.  You could drink a few without becoming overwhelmed.

Meh.  Very much a hoppy IPA.  Great smell, but mediocre taste.  I would not buy this again.  When I drink a pumpkin ale, I do not want it to be super hoppy.  I just like a simple pumpkin flavor.  However, I am not totally dissing Harpoon, because their winter ale is the bomb.

Terrible.  Courtney and I couldn't even finish our tastes of it.  Looked like freakin' Robitussin in a beer bottle.  Good luck trying to enjoy this.  Nasty, nasty.  And it also has a clown on the front; I HATE CLOWNS.

Be on the lookout for more beer tasting posts because Courtney and I have to finish all of those.  Also, there will be more home renovation stuff coming soon.  We tackled the wallpapered bathroom and our guest room. 

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  1. Yahoo IJs! Way to go. I'd say I'm jealous - but really if I can avoid the danger that is me putting a needle in someone's neck, I may just try to escape them forever.