Friday, September 2, 2011

Tea Parties

Breakfast this morning was nice because it's starting to get cooler around here which means one thing.....oatmeal for breakfast!  I realize that I can eat oats any time of the year, but I think they're much more appealing when it's cold outside.  During the warmer months I prefer cold overnight oats or smoothies. 
This morning's oats were a delicious combination of homemade coconut butter, dark chocolate chips, and cashew butter.  So freakin' good!  And very filling
Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least.  I came home from work to find my adorable 4-year-old neighbor hanging out with Andy in the backyard.  As usual, she was telling us all about her day.  She's pretty much 4 going on 25. Yesterday she mentioned that she would like to have a tea party...combined with the fact that I love tea and any excuse to use my teapots, I happily obliged.  I surprised her with a tea and various snacks.
This is a pot of Earl Grey tea with pistachios, driedapricots, chocolate covered graham crackers and chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe's.

We enjoyed our lovely high tea on my back patio.  She even lifted up her pinky while she drank tea and proclaimed,"Danielle, you make the best brownies and the best tea in the world!"  (I baked brownies last week and sent them over to her family.)  Needless to say, it was a fun afternoon event.

Dinner was also stellar last night.  I got the recipe here, at EatLiveRun.  Even for someone like me who normally detests salmon, I actually enjoy this.  However, Andy and I felt like it needed a little bit of sauce drizzles over top.  Maybe a yogurt dill sauce??

I'll be busy cleaning the house from top to bottom today.  Andy's mom is in to visit and we have an awesome dinner planned for her arrival.  Andy is making a brisket with his new smoker attachment for the grill!

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