Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Brandywine Festival of the Arts
Courtney, Kelly and I all went to the festival located right here in Wilmington.  Overall there was amazing art, sculptures, jewelry, and pottery.  However, it was a little steep for our budget.  However, for those that can afford it, it's definitely beautiful local art.

JawBowl:  Touch football competition between the emergency department and surgery that has been ongoing for years.  ER red, surgery blue.  2011 Winner........ER!!

Renaissance Faire; Lancaster, PA
A medieval gathering of weirdos and cool people, namely me, Andy, Chesney and Mike. This is a huge shindig that is a permanent feature in the area.  Food, shows, etc..
   Throwing axes
 Throwing knives...check out that form.

 Muzzleloaders aimed at tiny little targets.

 The Medieval Parade

 Sweet weapons

 What if I had this in the ER?

 Comedy improv show where Andy was humped on stage.  Very funny.

Housewarming Party
 Kelly and I loving on Chase, one of the intern's dogs. 

Home Project:  Andy and I are a sucker for estate sales, home improvement and refinishing furniture.  Yesterday we found a local estate sale with really cool furniture.  We ended buying a lamp, table and a funky ceramic vase.  The lamp needed a new wire and there was a chipped off piece of ceramic from the vase.  I glued back on the vase piece, and Andy fixed my lamp cord for me.  We also went to another estate sale and estate store today.  So you know what that means?????  FURNITURE REFINISHING SUNDAY!!!  Woot woot!
I'm headed to the Durty, durty clown show; an artsy improv comedy show in Wilmington with friends.  I will be back tomorrow with recaps of my bomb diggity furniture skills.  Oh, by the way, I freakin' hate clowns, but if they're naked and cracking jokes it might not be so bad. 

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