Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Butternut Squash Soup

  Last night was a fun night in the kitchen cooking with my husband.  Andy got on a kick and wanted to make homemade peanut butter fudge...and his really IS the best.  Well, my mom had brought over potato soup for Andy but I wanted to make my own soup.  I've had a butternut squash sitting around my kitchen for heaven knows how long, and it definitely needed to be used.  So....butternut squash, apple, lentil soup it is. 
  I want to paint a picture of what was going on in the kitchen at this time.  Andy is standing at the stove stirring his perfect fudge.  I found a CD from high school and was dancing and singing to ghetto rap like "Back That A$s Up" while chopping up my butternut.  Fun times were had by all.

Andy is busy stirring his potion...We both made the comment last night that we wish we could attend Hogwarts, and that we really did wish this was a potion.

  The beginnings of the soup.  That squash smelled so amazing when I cut it open.  Fresh and earthy.

  Yes, all of my spices are from Penzey's...the best damn spice store around.  Thanks to my amazing cousin Missy, who got Andy and I the wedding crate, we were introduced to the wonderful world of delicious spices.  Once you use Penzey's in your recipes, you'll never go back.  They're super fresh, and probably the most aromatic spices I've ever had.  Their double strength vanilla is the stuff dreams are made of.  Once you put that in your favorite baked good, people will detect the difference.  I digress.

1  butternut squash
1  apple (preferable granny smith, but I only had a gala)
2  onions
3  large carrots
1 container of veggie stock
Spices- I just added a bunch of spices to taste.
    The pic above is a mix of cumin, ground ginger, smoked Hungarian paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper.

  I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but basically you sautee all the veggies for about 10 minutes.  Then you let everything simmer together for 30 minutes.  You can either eat this soup hearty in its broth-state or you can puree it.  I did a little mix of both.  I half pureed it so there were several large pieces of veggies still in it.
   Breakfast this morning was Bob's Red Mill gluten free breakfast cereal.  I added some pumpkin, semi-sweet chocolate chips, unsweetened dried coconut and a scoop of Naturally Nutty's toffee nut butter.

I'm going to be doing some packing and closet cleaning today.  I'm flying to NY on Thursday to begin the interview trail with Courtney.  I'm going to NYC, Connecticut, Boston, Springfield, and back to NY.  It's going to be a long exciting week.

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  1. I also used Penzey's smoked paprika for my soup the last time I made it, I think it really added a ton. I love this soup. Any leftovers? I could come get them tomorrow.