Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Family Dinner

 Every year the "family" (my med school family) gets together for our Christmas dinner and our annual Secret Santa gift exchange.  Last night was bittersweet, mostly because this will be our last time together.  It also makes me think about how awesome 2010 has been.  We all decided what careers in medicine we would pursue, we've traveled together, Jennifer had a baby, Jess got married, Forrest and Megan became a many awesome things have happened but it's exciting to see what new things 2011 will bring.  We'll be celebrating match day, graduation, and the start of residency.  And hopefully, we'll all keep in touch as best as we can for the rest of our lives after medical school.  So below I'm featuring a picture montage of last night's festivities and I will be back tomorrow (hopefully not too hungover) to show pics of our annual NYE party at Tristan's house.  We're going out with a bang!!

  Ignore how fat my sweatpants make me look and instead focus on my adorable puppy.
 For my birthday this year the family got me a coffee of the month club are my 2 newest. 

  When you have no clue for what to do for dinner, what do you make?
 If cookies are baked underneath something healthy, they instantly become healthier.  My friends, I made kale chips and dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for dinner.  Andy likes them, but decided that kale chips and cookies do not equal an even meal.
 Kale chip inspiration is due to the lovely lady Kath Younger over at KERF....they're the bomb and if you don't believe me, make them.  Pull the leaves off of your kale and sprinkle with salt and olive oil.  Bake at 350 until crispy.  Just like chips.
 I bought those at Big Lots...and my blog buddy Diana over at also found these gems at Big Lots.
  Our theme last night was a make your own pasta bar.  We had whole wheat spaghetti and white linguine with a choice of sauces...meat, alfredo and pesto.  I was in charge of pesto and alfredo. 
  I found a recipe online for basil walnut pesto and it was really good.  I was not about to purchase a freakin' $7 bag of pine I bought a big bag of walnuts for $5.  I still prefer pine nut pesto to walnut, but it was really good.
  Tristan got a kick ass thermos.
  Michelle's Silpat in honor of Jenna at EatLiveRun!!!
  Adam scored a year subscription to "Draft magazine", a beer brewing magazine.
  Jess got M.A.C. nail polishes..
  This pic doesn't do justice of my awesome "foodie swag bag."  Basil dipping oil, butternut squash pasta sauce, multi-colored pasta, coffee, etc...
  I had Jennifer and got her a container of loose leaf candy cane black tea from the local tea store in the mall and a toile mug.
  Courtney got a filter for her Keurig and a bag of Starbuk's caramel coffee...
  Megan got an Ethiopian magazine necklace and she's posing with Joyce, the artist.

Everyone get your party on because it's New Year's Eve!!!


  1. The beginning paragraph makes me totally sappy and a little sad. Love all the pictures and dinner was great!

  2. love how close your class is!!! glenn's class is everywhere right now (still!!!)!! Thanks for the shout out!! when can we meet? hahahah