Monday, November 8, 2010

And they're off....

  So, Friday officially marked the beginning of the interview trail for me.  I had one interview on Friday, and then my NYU interview today.  It was great being offered an interview while I'm here so that way I didn't have to worry about traveling back up here later on.  I've got quite a few interviews planned through the end of January, so while this will be a busy and expensive time, it's going to be awesome to be traveling to so many new places.

  Being in NYC has made me realize how many people here are "dog people."  There are so many cute dogs in sweaters everywhere!!  Makes me miss Bunsen.  On my 4-miler yesterday, I stopped to take a picture of a 2 cute little fur babies.

  Saturday night after my shift (4-10PM) I decided not to be a lazy bum and actually go out in the city with friends.  I met up with a med school friends and a couple of his friends for some drinks. We stopped first at Milady's in SoHo.  It's basically your typical fun sports bar...kind of reminded me of the Union at home.  Beers were very well-priced, even for NYC standards.  I have no clue where the next bar was, but somewhere in the East Village.  One of the friends said he was buying the round, but that we had to try Delirium tremens, a Belgian ale with like 9% alcohol.  I was up for the challenge.  However.....bleh!  I do not care for tart and tangy Belgian ales.  I like my Greek yogurt tangy and crisp, and my beers dark and heavy.  Not for me....but I drank it 'cuz it was free 99.
   My lunch on Sunday was so boring that I didn't even want to share it but here it goes.  Veggie burger with avocado and sprouts with tomatoes, carrots, and hummus on the side.  And that' s a big glass of water with lime.  I'm trying to eat most of my groceries before I leave, so all of my eats will be boring.
  This evening after my interview I got the bright idea to venture out and get cupcakes.  However, after reading some reviews I wanted nothing to do with those typical big name cupcake places.  You know exactly who I'm talking about!  So I headed down 1.5 miles to the LES on Rivington to grab a cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine.  I got both the spicy pumpkin and the pistachio.  And I ate them both.

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  1. There is certainly nothing wrong with eating BOTH cupcakes! Those sound great, and the doggies were too cute!