Thursday, November 4, 2010


  So I apologize in advance for not having many interesting pictures, or pics in general.  I've been really wanting to blog frequently lately, but have been slacking. 

I'm sure you're bored of seeing bagels, but they're just so d*amn delicious.  I always ask for light on the cream's probably the main way they know that I'm not a New Yorker.  New Yorkers like their bagels to be swimming in cream cheese but I prefer to also get a taste of the bread as well.
  My good friend Michelle who was up here at NYU last month on a pediatric rotation suggested I check out Limelight Marketplace, a fun little shopping place.  Basically, it's an old church that has been transformed into all these separate stores ranging from shoes, cupcakes, a gourmet grocery store and a tea place.  Only in NYC, right?  Such a cute little place, but too bad I couldn't afford anything but tea.  Haha.  But it was some mighty good tea.
  This was the red vanilla tea, kind of like a rooibos.  I'm not usually a fan of rooibos, but they had samples and this was quite delicious.  The downside?  A freakin' small bag of loose tea was like $20.  The sales lady was nice and very knowledgeable, but fed me all this crap about it being so healthy and full of antioxidants that drinking their tea is like, "drinking pure nutrition."  Puh-lease lady.  Tea is good for you yes, but you're overselling it at this point.  Now I'm rambling, but the tea was good.
  I took a picture of this because I'm immature.  And who wouldn't laugh right out loud when they saw a sign implying that Paul Deen massages butts?

  Breakfast for dinner the other evening.  Scrambled eggs with toast and fruit.  There's almond butter on one piece of my toast.  I've gone through almost an entire jar of almond butter I brought from home....I'd say when I brought it up it was a little around half full. And yes, I'll be buying more.  And dare I say it......I prefer cashew butter to almond or peanut butter?
  I'd like to devote these next few pictures to Trader Joe's being brilliant as always.  You can buy these guacamole kits to take home and it's super easy to whip up a quick guac.  The kit was $3.50 and included 2 Hass avocados, garlic, a small onion, 2 roma tomatoes, and 2 limes.  The only thing you add yourself is salt and pepper to taste.  This guac was awesome and took like 5 minutes to put together.  I plan on eating the entire thing by myself over the next few days.
  There is a blue corn tortila chip there, I swear.  But I overpowered it with guac.
  Dinner was awesome and super healthy and nutritious. 
Pseudo-Mexican Salad
- bed of spinach
- carrots
- pea sprouts
- guacamole
- spicy salsa
- TJ's plain yogurt
- blue corn tortilla chips
- Dr. Praeger's california veggie burger (I was out of black bean burgers, but that would've been even better) 
- 2 buck chuck in a cheap plastic disposable cup = classy= no wine glasses

  Free tshirt from the NY ACEP career fair.  I feel guilty wearing it, so I'm just going to sleep in it.  I love the AC/DCesque slogan.
  Woohoo, 1st interview.  I'm interviewing here at The Brooklyn Hospital Center tomorrow.  Yesterday I ventured into Brooklyn to make sure I knew how to get there for tomorrow.  This hospital is in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn....I know nothing about the area other than that it was really cute to walk around.
 Street right across from the hospital.  I took some pics of the area so Andy could see what Brooklyn looks like.  I feel as if we end up in NYC for residency, we would probably live in Brooklyn.  I actually really like it there.
  Isn't this the cutest front door?
  I took this pic because it just seemed so "NY" to me.  I love the look of a brownstone with its antique-y front doors and crown molding.  I want to live in one of those.
  Park down the street from the hospital.  Andy and I have to live close to a park wherever we move because Bunsen deserves a place to play.  Gotta make the dog happy, right?
  Not the best picture, but provides a view of one side of the park. 

  I hope you enjoyed my Brooklyn snapshot.  Send me good thoughts for my interview tomorrow....also, on a side note if you're like me and can't afford million dollar tea, try TJ's candy cane green tea.  It's sweet, minty, and comforting on these cold days.  Ciao!


  1. I'm glad you got some plates and cups, even if they are plastic. Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. First off, love the t-shirt, that's adorable. Second, I absolutely LOVE the guac kit at TJ's!!! I refuse to eat guac that's not super fresh because otherwise, it just plain sucks. Nothing's better than good homemade guac! And third, good luck with your interview, I know you'll do great and Brooklyn would be an amazing place to do a residency, especially in trauma because I have a feeling you'd see a lot of action there.

  3. Hope the interview went well!! I'm sure it and the interviewer are probably BFF by now. ;) Brooklyn looks adorable! But that cute little brownstone probably costs $2 mil...ugh

  4. Glenn does NOT want to live in brooklyn but I told him that it's amazing for a young couple!!!