Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Chistmas Time in the City

I've been a bad blogger for many reasons....however, I'll narrow it down to adjusting to being back at home and loving on my husband, puppy and kitchen.  But I'm back.  I also got a new camera....which technically is my Christmas gift from my parents to Andy and I, but we are using it now and my mom is going to wrap it up for Christmas.  But I couldn't go any longer without a legitimate camera especially since the med school Christmas party is looming!!!
  I took the bus from NYC to Washington, DC and fortunately Andy was able to pick me up in DC.  We spent a couple days in the city with Courtney and Michelle.
  The diner we found around Arlington....I was totally craving breakfast foods.
Amazing coffee in cute little mugs.
Andy's french toast was embedded with flavor....almost like the bread itself had vanilla in it.  Probably the best french toast I've ever eaten.
  My veggie omelet the size of my was very thin and that's how I justified eating almost the entire thing.  This omelet had tomatoes, onions, green pepper, and mushrooms.  It was very good.

  We also made a very specific trip to see Harry Potter!!!!  Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely obsessed.  BEST BOOKS EVER!  We went to the IMAX, waited in line, got inside the theater and found that people were total a$$holes and were saving seats like crazy.  I hadn't seen my husband in over a month and we weren't going to be able to sit together in the movie.  To make a long story short, all 4 of us switched tickets for the next showing in the regular theater and had good seats.  If you haven't seen this movie, go now.  It's probably the best so far and follows the book to a "T".  And since I didn't have time to read the book again before watching the movie, I'm reading it now.
  Our theory is still lady doctors get better with age.

  For dinner we went to Legal Seafood....and Michelle got her raw oyster cherry popped.  We strategically peer pressured her into eating them and she actually liked them.  Not to mention that they served this delicious vinaigrette with their oysters, not just the typical lemon wedge and hot sauce.
     Lovely shot of oyster goodness.  Considering I hated seafood for most of my life, and that I'm not eating meat anymore, I actually love me some good raw oysters.

  My sweet baby when I got home.....that's the toy I brought him from NYC.  It's a little squeaky penguin and he loved it.  I found him licking the penguin instead of chewing it.  

  We had to go to the Union on Friday night for quarters because it had been so long since several of us had seen each other.  It's good to be back with friends during this busy interview season.
  The girls had winter lager and the boys had a white russian and a rum and coke.

  On Saturday we showed up for the pediatric tailgate and enjoyed some mimosas and breakfast food.  However, it was so cold that all I wanted was some Irish coffee to warm me up.

Saturday night was family dinner at Courtney's house.  We had regular chili and vegetarian pumpkin black bean chili.  I provided the toppings:  Greek yogurt, shredded cheddar, and green onions.  We also had cornbread, Fritos, graham crackers with pumpkin dip, and brownies with peppermint ice cream for dessert.  Jennifer also brought her sweet little baby, Audra, and we all got a chance to hold her.
  Those bowls of chili were actually what I ate for dinner tonight, but you get the gist.  I also will be having those for lunch tomorrow too.  The avocado was a delicious option.
  This is my medical tree in the front room....Each year I add different medical ornaments that I find, and my mom always buys me the medical ornament from Hallmark each year.

Today was the day that my extended family celebrated Thanksgiving.  It's tradition for us to celebrate on Sundays instead of the actual Thanksgiving day.  It was nice seeing my grandmother and my cute little cousins since it's been a long time.
  This was the bomb-diggity cake that I made.  Caramelized apple spice was a Martha Stewart fall cake recipe.  So good!!  I thought the powdered sugar and cranberries added a nice fall touch.
  These are my two sweet youngest cousins....Landon and Branson.  They are just as sweet and adorable as they look but maybe a little more mischievous. 

See you again soon!


  1. Thank you for photographing the last two weeks of my life! Btw, love the avocado on the chili that must be great with all the spiciness!

  2. Looks like you're enjoying being back home :) I'm kind of jealous of you because it just doesn't feel much like Christmas down here in Florida.

  3. i can't believe you haven't seen your hubs in a month either!! amazing cake and enjoy time with all your med school friends!! things will be achanging next year!