Monday, February 14, 2011

My Anchor Shaped Necklace

  As spring seems to be rearing its lovely head, I continue to get more in the mood for lightweight clothing.  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some winter coats.  However, I am very excited for all the new stuff coming out this spring.  'Cuz this girl needs a graduation dress!!  And did I mention that I'll be purchasing it in Europe....well I just did now.  I don't know if everyone else does this, but I pack up all my stuff each season so when I open it the next time I'm always pleasantly surprised by my selection.  Here's a list and some pics of things I'm digging for this spring.

1.  All things "Blush"....

I really would love each of those pieces above.  So feminine and beautiful.

2. sue me, I love flowers.
Okay, these aren't florals, but I don't think that it's wrong for me to want these.  Who wouldn't wear this shoe...I'd feel like Carrie Bradshaw even if I just tried them on.


The floral dress above is awesome.  Now hear me out.  This is not the large print, bright color, cottton dress worn with white heels of my middle school days.  This dress screams of sexy-summer-ness.  Pair this bad boy with gold strappy flats and a camel colored motorcycle jacket and you've instantly stepped into this century.  It would also be perfectly acceptable to pair this with a little cardigan, but realize that you run the risk of looking too garden-party for your own good.  My friend Whitney and I always say, "You've gotta mix the feminine with the masculine." 

3.  Cardigans  
Don't think I was bashing cardigans in the last pic...because I own a million and love each and every one.


If you plan on wearing this adorable little floral cardigan, you better not being wearing anything too girly on the bottom.  This needs to go with some combat boots and skinny jeans.  Something hardcore.  No need looking like a 4-year old child at Sunday School.

4.  Cat Eye Sunglasses

   I need a pair of cat eye glasses ASAP.  I feel like this will be a definite must in Europe.  Note to self....must buy a pair soon.

5.  Nautical Prints
 You can judge me, but nautical-themed clothing IS and always will be a fave of mine.

Perfection!!!!  Can't wait to dig out my nautical stuff.....and my anchor shaped necklace. 


  1. "Florals for spring? How unique." Just kidding. I love this post and everything in it. Do you think the feathered pink manolo's would be over the top for graduation? If only....

  2. Love those pink shoes with the bow on the back! Im sure they're out of my budget, but now i'll be on the lookout for some knock offs!

  3. Love, love, love this post! I just picked up an adorable blush-colored tank top covered with clear sequins at Body Central tonight (only $16.80!) and I'm loving it. Both pairs of shoes are HOT! And I love girly floral dresses so much. I, too, have millions of cardigans in dozens of different colors with a ton of unique details - ruffles, lace, interesting buttons, large flowers, etc. Love them! And I'm such a huge fan of nautical styles - anchors are one of my favorites :)

  4. okay, that dress is perfect for lunch at a cafe or going out at night. Off to forever 21 to buy a 5 dollar version of it. 18 dayyysssssss