Saturday, October 9, 2010

Best Cupcake Ever

  I have definitely been in a cooking/baking mode lately.  I'll go through these periods where I only want to eat out, but then I have times where I want to spend all my time in the kitchen making things.  I have lots of good foods to share with you, and a sweet guest post.
Banana cranberry muffins with coconut creme coffee on the side.  These were soooo moist and actually relatively healthy.  I got the recipe from my iPhone Whole Foods app.

Moving on to dinner....crockpot style.

That is pumpkin black bean chili with homemade sweet cornbread.  I topped my chili with scallions, plain Greek yogurt and shredded cheddar cheese.  Get 'yo butt to the store and buy some pumpkin.  Make this!!  It is amazing.  However, being from WV people will see and smell this when you heat it up for lunch and say, "That sounds delicious!"  When you tell them there's pumpkin in it and that it's vegetarian they say, "That's really weird."  They don't know what they're missing.

Everyone has been to some sort of football pregame party or event where somebody brought buffalo chicken dip.  Yes, that fatty, cheesy, delicous melty dip full of deliciousness.  Andy wanted to make some for himself, but since I'm not eating meat I opted out.  Being the amazing husband that he is, he made me a vegetarian version with tofu.  Do not be skeptical.  It turned out awesome!!  Even Andy who likes tofu but doesn't love it, preferred my dip to his original chicken one.

Of course this is good with tortilla chips, but it's excellent with celery too.

Courtney (girl in pic on blog header) and I had time for lunch the other day at the hospital so we went to Third and Ninth Deli.  We shared the spinach salad (spinach with craisins, mandarin oranges, shredded parm, and an orange balsamic vinaigrette), caprese sandwich of focaccia (mozz, tomatoes, basil, and pesto), and each got a pumpkin cupcake.  This next sentence is in bold print for a reason.  THESE CUPCAKES KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!  Take that crappy $5 DC cupcakes!  I'm a tough cupcake critic and these stood the test of time.  Pumpkin cupcake with cheesecake filling, cream cheese icing, and crushed pecans.  Only $2.  The cake was perfectly moist, the frosting rich and buttery, and the cheesecake filling not too sweet.

Okay, so I will be back later this afternoon with Courtney's guest post pictures and pictures from my adventures at the pumpkin festival.  Tonight my friend Jess from med school is getting married!!  Party!

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