Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Day

  Let me start out by saying I just finished my first shift at Bellevue.......the verdict is in.  Awesome.  It is your crazy, typical chaotic inner city emergency room and I loved it.  Everyone was so nice, even though I'm clueless about everything since it's a new hospital.  I'm pretty sure that this month is going to be an unforgettable experience. 
  So I'm living very close to the hospital in Murray Hill in inexpensive student housing, but there's a catch.  My roommate warned me that she doesn't cook very often.  This translated into (when I arrived here on Sunday) one pot with a lid, a couple of forks, a knife, and no plates, bowls, cups, etc.  I was dumbfounded.  So basically I bought some cheap plates and I'm making do with nothing.  Very unfortunate considering that I love cooking.  After polling some people, it seems like a lot of New Yorkers get takeout every night.  I guess Sex and the City wasn't too far from the truth, when Carrie filled her oven with sweaters.  But there aren't any sweaters in our tiny oven.  Hell, there's nothing in that oven and I don't think anything has ever been cooked in it.  Let's just chalk this up to life experiences.
  I ended up waking up very early yesterday morning, so I walked to DD.  I'm going to be contributing significantly to the economy because obvi there's no coffee maker here.  I can't expect someone who doesn't own a plate to have a modern commodity such as a coffeepot.
  I fully intend on eating breakfast here every morning before I leave.  Not only because it saves money, but also because I don't have the time or stomach to eat other crap.  However, the hospital has an Au Bon Pain in the lobby, so bagels might occasionally tempt me.
-  TJ's plain yogurt
-  squirt of agave
Bear Naked granola,  banana nut
-  big dollop of TJ's crunchy almond butter

That's my new ID.  And yes, that's my undecorated institutional psych ward bedroom.

-  big salad (no more boring salad pics for you)
-  Dr. Praeger's California veggie burger.  This above pic may look gross but it's by far my favorite plain veggie burger.

Organic dark chocolate coconut bites.  BUY THESE!  (if you love coconut)  These are huge pieces of coconut rolled in delicious dark chocolate.  Yes they're expensive, but they are delish.  Be warned....they look like dog turds in the bag.

Mid-day beverage.  Honest Tea is pretty low in calories, even for the whole bottle, and it's a nice change from water or soda.

I didn't buy these or eat them, but I took a pic of them for my girl Brittany over at vegan virgin, happy belated anniversary!  I was just very impressed at all the awesome vegan choices for lunch.  They all looked amazing, so I think I will go back sometime and try some.  The vegan sesame noodles on top looked really good.

I went running along the East River last night and it was beautiful......so beautiful that I ended up on the lower east side and got a little lost, to the point of "accidentally" running 6 miles.  However, since I've been a running slacker I really need to up my mileage to what it used to be in my hey day.

I'm going to dinner tonight with my mother-in-law so hopefully I'll be able to post some good NYC eats.

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  1. Those noodles look amazing!! I can't wait to live in a place where I can actually go out and buy something like that. Clearwater in 17 days and I'll finally have a Whole Foods!!!