Saturday, October 16, 2010

  That picture my friends, is the beginnings of homemade pizza.  I've had some Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza crust in my freezer for awhile, and now was the time to use it.  We had so many good pizza ingredients in the refrigerator, and I'm leaving for NYC soon, so I'm trying to use up our food.  Nothing beats homemade pizza.
  Check out that crispy bubbly goodness.  TJ's makes some excellent crust, and it's only 99cents!!

  You can probably tell which side is mine and which is Andy's.  Mine had mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, olives, and artichokes.  Andy's was the same but with the addition of pepperoni.  I don't have a picture but I added fresh mozzarella to the pizza.  And it was brilliant.

  Boring repeat salad to all of you.  But delicious.

  This morning's coffee...Mexican chiapas.  As a birthday gift (back in May) from all of my awesome friends, I was enrolled in the coffee of the month club.  Every couple of months I get 2lbs of coffee in the mail.  The Mexican chiapas has by far been my favorite. 
    Breakfast today was soooooo good.  Sandwich thin with almond butter on one side and pumpkin butter on the other.  2 sliced kiwis and 2 egg whites.  Go check out my friend Brittany's blog.
I got my pumpkin butter at the Pumpkin Festival in Milton, WV.  Unfortunately, Brittany wasn't able to attend this year, and when I saw her blog post this morning lamenting about missing pumpkin treats I thought of the pumpkin butter in my frig.  Brittany, I wish I had an extra jar that I could lend to you!
  I am going to enjoy this weekend as much as I can.  It's my last weekend here with Andy and the puppy before I leave for NYC.  If I end up eating something good, I'll try to post.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your pumpkin butter!!! I love almond butter too, but I could really go for anything pumpkin. And have fun in NYC - I'm so excited for you and all the amazing things you're going to get to experience and take part in!