Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hello.  I'm Courtney, Danielle's friend and fellow foodie.  Danielle has graciously allowed me to guest blog for her after a recent trip of mine.  I went to San Francisco last weekend for the American Academy of Pediatrics national conference.  The conference was great, and I learned a ton.  I also got to eat some amazing food and see some amazing things.

The first night we were there we went to Fisherman's Wharf for some site seeing and some seafood.  This sandwich was an Ahi Tuna BLT.  Yes, tuna and bacon.  It was amazingly delicious, with the interesting combination.

These pictures are from lunch at the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building.  It was the most beautiful display of fresh, local produce I've ever seen!!  On Saturdays, restaurants come and serve food made on site.  These foods were chicken chalupas and tamales with butternut squash and pork with black beans and tons of avocados.  It was a delicious lunch, maybe some of the best Mexican dishes I've ever had.
 Dinner Saturday night, Ethiopian food served family style with vegetarian dishes on the left side with lamb, chicken and beef dishes on the right.  Eaten with our hands and injera (I think that is the right spelling of the grain).  This was delicious with amazing flavors and totally worth the insane taxi drive to Oakland.

Thai food!!

 This picture is from the Castro Street Fair.  Which is a initially began in 1974 by Harvey Milk and has continued on the first Sunday of October every year since.  It was a fun day.  We were given the beautiful vivacious boas by a couple awesome drag queens.  It was a fun afternoon.
 This was a dessert burger from Burger Bar.  The "bun" is a donut with a patty of hazelnut, Nutella and chocolate ganache.  Interesting presentation and amazing flavor, melding together with toppings of strawberries and kiwi.

We then took a tour of two wineries:  One in Sonoma and one in Napa County.  It was a lovely afternoon with samples.  My favorite samples of the day were Cashmere from Cline Cellars Winery  and a Chardonnay from Artesa Winery

Thanks Danielle for letting me make a guest appearance. I hope you enjoyed my pictures!  

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  1. Holy crap, that dessert burger sounds amazing! I adore Nutella!