Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkins Galore!

This was my delicious breakfast the other morning.  Fresh coffee, pumpkin oats, and assorted fruit.  That's grapefruit, kiwi, and starfruit.
Pumpkin oats with Whole Foods crunchy almond butter, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice.  I've been eating this breakfast on multiple occasions.  I'm determined to leave no pumpkin behind this fall.
So....the grapefruit and kiwifruit were delightful.  I wanted to vom right in my mouth after eating the starfruit.  I thought I would like it, but it tasted like chemicals.  Bleh!  I love almost every fruit and vegetable, but now starfruit and papaya are on my s#*t-list.

  In the evening, my med school friends and I had our annual pumpkin carving evening.  We always make sure to prepare a delicious pumpkin/lentil/apple soup that is to die for.  I will also admit that I ate the soup knowing that it contained chicken stock.  I didn't care....that soup is too delicious to argue semantics.  Here are some fun photos from our evening.
My hubby (in the background), my pumpkin, and my Yuengling.  3 things that I love all together.
The soup!!!!  Mary also had the brilliant idea of literally grilling grilled cheese.  We put those babies on the grill and it was probably the best grilled cheese of my life.  Wheat bread, butter, and colby jack cheese!
Dipping action.

Courtney chose to be a culinary prodigy by baking tradition beer bread but added pumpkin to the dough.  She served it with pumpkin butter.  Does anyone notice a theme to the evening?
Courtney and I.  All you EM folks...my shirt says "Trauma, not Drama."  Be jealous.
Fall-themed trail mix.
I ended up getting to leave class early yesterday so I brought home my lunch and supplemented it with a pseudo-sandwich at home.  That's a sandwich thin with almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter on one side, and 2 egg whites with cheese on the other.  Such a filling and colorful lunch.  And as always, my salad was the bomb dot com.
Snackage....kiwifruit with Fage honey yogurt and blueberry muesli.
The annual breast cancer awareness fundraiser was held at Fat Patty's  this year, also voted #1 for burgers in WV.  I started my evening with an Oktoberfest.
This is the "Not so Cow patty", born on the bayou style.  Veggie burger with cajun seasoning, onions, peppers, honey mustard, and provolone cheese.  Crispy pickle on the side.  Those fries are worth the calories.  You MUST try them.

Talk to ya later!!!


  1. First off, that's a genius idea for grilled cheese, I don't know why I never thought of it! And second off, I've never had the veggie burger at Fat Patty's, I didn't even realize they had one! I used to always get the black and bleu burger, but that's obviously not in the question anymore. But I'm going to have to try their veggie burger!

  2. in no way related to your post: are you applying to UNC?

  3. No, I didn't apply to UNC. I decided to apply up north; didn't even apply anywhere more south than WV. Haha