Friday, October 29, 2010

The What Museum?

  Yesterday was one of my glorious and few days off from the ER, so I decided to utilize the day to explore Manhattan.  I've been to Times Square multiple times, but I figured I should venture uptown once to see it while I'm here.  Once you've been to Times Square a few times, it kind of loses its appeal.  However, I had a delicious lunch.  I ate a bagel from a street vendor yesterday and it was AMAZING!  I don't care what anyone says, but NYC bagels can eat any other bagels for breakfast.  Panera bagels can kiss my butt. 
  When I walked down to Times Square, I decided to use my Yelp app to find a vegetarian restaurant for lunch.  Maoz Vegetarian, a falafel place came highly recommended, even for a chain.  I knew it would be good when I saw the line stretched around the building.

1.  Start out by choosing whether you want a pita only, a meal (what I did), or a salad.
2.  You pick white or whole wheat pita.  The guy behind the counter stuffs it with lots of falafel, crispy grilled eggplant, and hummus!
         -  Basically, they have a salad bar of sorts with all kind of interesting toppings.  I chose tabbouleh,
             pickled eggplant (I've never had it; wanted to try it; it was different), and cucumber and tomato
4.  With the meal you get mint lemonade and sweet potato fries.

This falafel was the best I've ever had.  Not that I've had many, but this was one of the best.  This thing was huge!  I only ate half and was sad that I was walking around all day and couldn't save any of it for later.  Also, I enjoyed my lunch while people watching in Bryant Park.  2 very fashionable male fashion students shared my table, and all I could think about was, "God, I look so frumpy compared to them!" 
Let me describe each layer of flavor of my awesome lunch.
Falafel:  Crispy, warm, crumbly, and full of savoriness.??  Just made that up
Hummus:  creamy and tart just like it should be
Eggplant:  Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.  Maybe it's flash-fried?  Couldn't tell.
Pickled eggplant (Bright red tomato-y looking thing):  Interesting flavor.  Not sure what I think.
Cucumber salad:  one word.  Red wine vinegar.
Tabbouleh:  Delicous, fresh, minty, perfect balance of herbs and spices.

Ridiculously good sweet potato fries.  So crispy and warm.
Mint lemonade:  good flavor, but not nearly minty enough.

After becoming thoroughly bored of Times Square within a very short amount of time, I made my way back downtown.  I've been researching a certain museum and finally went today.....The Museum of Sex.  WOW!  This was definitely an X-rated museum, but really informative and fun.  Each of the exhibits was really entertaining.  There was one exhibit that told the story and evolution of porn, another was all about condoms.  My favorite part of the condom exhibit was all the words they had for a condom....some I can't display on the blog but one was "Zucchini Bikini."  Another exhibit was on robot sex (didn't realize there was a following of this) with really cool figurines, and an exhibit on the sex lives of animals.  I'm not going to get into some liberal opinion session, but the animal exhibit had really interesting scientific info.  Such as, multiple breeds of animals have documented homosexuality witnessed by researchers.  With certain animals in each pack, such as lions, that only will mate with animals of the same sex.  That's some food for thought, isn't it?  There are also documented cases of necrophilia among mallard ducks.  Gross, but intriguing. 
  I was also given a coupon for $2 off a potion in the Oral fix cafe.

Mine was mango pomegranate with lavendar sugar.  The sugar tasted like nothing I've ever had before.  It reminded me of green tea; like to had infused green tea flavoring with sugar.  The drink was too sweet for me, but I drank half.
Make of this what you will.  Haha
This is just the side of the building.  The entrance to the museum is actually quite ornate.

I'm now sitting in my room enjoying some TJ's artichoke ravioli and salad.  My boring old-lady self is going to drink some hot tea and eat my Pinkberry.  Have a good night!

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  1. YESSSSS I would love to go to THAT museum! Hahah and Pinkberry - yummmmmmm!