Wednesday, October 27, 2010


  So today's shift was even busier than yesterday's....I felt very overwhelmed but I had a good time.  When you start the 1st week of a new rotation, it's kind of frustrating not knowing where things are or how things are run in the ED.  However, I know that by the end of the week I should get the hang of things. 
  I have 2 delicious dinners to share with you.  Monday night's dinner was had with a friend of mine in med school who is currently doing a rotation at Mt Sinai.  We ended up going for a drink at Amber and heading across the street to dinner at Turkish Kitchen, a cool under-the-radar place on 27th and 3rd.  Not pictured below is the appetizer of Patlican Salatasi.  If you've ever had baba ganoush, it basically tasted the same except with a smokier flavor.

 This was my dish and was simply called Veggie, not very interesting but tasty all the same. The only downside was that I didn't realize the bed on which my veggies were lying was almost identical to our appetizer.  
  Grilled zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes and green pepper served over eggplant puree.  

The meals featured below were the rest of the table's, not mine.
Islim Kebab
Baked lamb shank wrapped in eggplant slices and served over rice.
sis Kebab
Chunks of baby lamb chargrilled on a skewer and served with rice and potatoes.
We nicknamed the potatoes Turkish tots.

I can't find the name of this dish but it was chargrilled lamb and okra. 

Yesterday's breakfast was another yogurt mishmash, but I added raspberries and blackberries.  I bought them from a street vendor (I had initial weariness about this), but the fruit was very good.
  Andy's mom is visiting a friend in Queens, so she took the train over here to Murray Hill to have dinner with me.  We stumbled upon the The Bluebell Cafe, this cute open door restaurant in Gramercy.  We sat in one of those cute table with open French doors beside us so we could people watch.  Not only was this restaurant charming in its decor (go look at the website), but had an interesting drink menu.  I ended up ordering a pumpkin ale, Southampton pumpkin ale.  To eat, I got the grilled veggie sandwich with fries......soooooo good.

It might not look impressive but that my friends is some of the crispiest, butteriest bread I have ever eaten on a sandwich.  The sandwich had zucchini, squash, portobellos, provolone, and pesto. 

I'm in for the evening and feel like being lazy.  I think I will eventually make my way over to a frozen yogurt place....I'm really feeling it.

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  1. It sounds like you are enjoying NYC so far! I have to tell you that Tristan and I walked by the Bluebell cafe 2 or 3 times and each and every time I did a double take because I swore it said "Blueball cafe" haha guess I should get my mind out of the gutter! Also, Pinkberry is delicious AND they deliver!! AND they told me last week they were starting pumpkin yogurt soon, so you need to check it out and let me know how it is!