Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegas Weekend

  On my last day in West Chester, I stopped at Carlino's for some delicious homemade Italian eats.  When I went up to the pizza counter, I saw the type of pizza that I had been longing for.  A delicious slice of veggie heaven.  I also checked out the dessert counter and took home a pumpkin cupcake.  Anybody who knows me, knows I love anything pumpkin-flavored.
 The veggie-filled pizza had broccoli rabe, red peppers, onions, artichokes, olives and mozzarella.
 Check out those desserts.

 That pumpkin cupcake looks amazing, doesn't it?  Amazing it was not.  That bite was my first and only bite.  I have a very high standard for cupcakes;  I'll pay $4 for a cupcake but it better be good.  This cupcake was dry and did not have the least smidgen of pumpkin flavor.  The frosting was also like pure butter and not in a good way.  Like eating buttercream without the sugar.
 So, the pizza was actually the night before last.  The picture above is my last cooked meal.  It was called use up everything in the frig.  Brown rice with bell pepper, carrots, broccoli and snow pea sprouts.  I seasoned it with tons of garlic and some soy sauce.
   After driving home the 7+ hours to WV, I did not feel like cooking at all.  I ended up eating this frozen Trader Joe's channa masala.  It was really good, and that's some brown rice to go with it.
 This was mine and Andy's 1st dinner together since I got home.  We whipped up taco salads for dinner; Andy's with meat and mine with soy crumbles.  We added corn, scallions, tomatoes, Greek yogurt and salsa.  We also stopped at Qdoba to pick up some chips and guacamole.  No need to make my own when I can be lazy.
 This was my breakfast the other morning....basically amazing.  Nature's Pride fig and flax waffles with pumpkin yogurt (plain Greek yogurt with pumpkin, cinnamon, and honey) and a drizzle of wildberry syrup. I also threw in 2 egg whites for protein.  That's some delicious Peet's coffee in the seasonal mug.

 On the go lunch to the airport.  Boca black bean burger on an Ezekiel english muffin with mustard, lettuce, tomato and avocado.
 Saw these in the airport....I would've bought them except that they were on the pricey side, and obviously not something I truly needed.
   Even though it was a short business trip, I still had a lot of fun.  But I am officially sick of Vegas.  3 times in one year is more than enough for me.  The above picture is of Tacos and Tequila, the little restaurant in The Luxor.  The food was pretty good, and they had great salsa.
 Funny picture of the hot sauce.
 And because I'm immature, a picture a funnily-named art gallery.
 Dinner with the hubby last night.  It feels so good to cook in my own kitchen.  I made some long grain brown and wild rice with roasted broccoli and sauteed shrimp.  I also bought a whole wheat baguette and made garlic bread.  I've had a spice mix in my spice cabinet forever that is supposed to be sprinkled on bread, and boy was it good.  Glad that I finally got to use it.  Salad on the side with romaine, bell pepper, scallions, avocado, green olives, radishes, and balsamic vinegar. 
The 2007 Napa merlot was amazing.
Today's lunch was a tikka masala burger with leftover rice and broccoli from last night.
Have a lovely day!

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