Friday, September 3, 2010

Water Ice?

  Sorry for being MIA last night.  I was super tired after a long day of lectures and simulation labs.  It was a good day, but a long one.  I didn't end up eating anything interesting worth photographing.  Usual muesli for breakfast and leftover pasta for lunch.  However, dinner was random snackage and Rita's Italian Ice.  The title for this post is "water ice", and I had no clue what that was.  Apparently up here in the northern states, water ice is the term for Italian ice.  Now I feel like I've been incorporated into the North by officially using the term "water ice".  But in all seriousness, it's just regular 'ole Italian ice. 
  We went to Rita's last night so I could try this experience out.  I got a gelati which is Italian ice layered with frozen custard.  I went with key lime ice and vanilla custard!  It did not disappoint.
That shoe on the right is something I tried on at a vintage consignment store.  These are Vivienne Westwood and were lovely.  However, I could not throw down $100 for used shoes.  They were pretty unreasonable shoes with a big plastic heart on the toe; but I loved them.

Today's breakfast was different than the usual muesli.  I got up and made oats and I've provided you with the picture of the ingredients.  The actual oats looked pretty gross, but tasted great.
Multi-grain oat mix
Cashew butter
Raspberry preserves
Almond extract

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